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Pisces Natural Stones

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Pisces Natural Stones

Born between February 20 and March 20, Pisces is the last astrological sign and is among the water group signs. Its planet is Neptune. This is why they have negative personalities and high feminine energies. The most basic characteristic of Pisces people, regardless of whether they are men or women, is that they are emotional. They have a talented, compassionate, creative and artistic personality.

Pisces people desire a life of peace and tranquillity. They dislike negative environments and try to escape from such environments. Their intuition is very strong, they guess the feelings of the people around them very well. She has a stubborn side too, she does her own thing even if she seems to be listening to the other person. Pisces, the last sign of the water element, carries the characteristics of the group. They are overly emotional and dreamy. They act more with their emotions rather than logic in their decisions. They are more moderate towards life and more compatible with people. Instead of objecting to events that do not suit them, they go with the flow.

Besides, their dreams take them away from the real world and they start to live more in the world of dreams. Pisces is a love person. He needs a love to feel safe. Matter is in the background for him, he is generous. You can continue reading our article to find an answer to the question of which stone Pisces should use.

What are the Natural Stones that Pisces should use?

The two fish swimming in opposite directions in their symbol reflects the character of Pisces very accurately. Their moods, which rise suddenly, can suddenly fall. In this case, all the enthusiasm they have can disappear in an instant. The reason for these mood swings is interpreted as not having enough energy. For this reason, it is desired that the natural stone that Pisces will choose should have a strong energy.

Pisces natural stones, besides being associated with the water element, protect the wearer from diseases and troubles, bring luck and happiness, and increase their energy. The natural stones that Pisces should use are amethyst, aquamarine, moonstone, quartz, ametrine, jasper, fluorite, onyx, pearl, ruby, jade, bloodstone, coral, carnelian (red agate), turquoise and tourmaline. In addition to these stones, labradorite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite and sodalite stones can also be used as secondary stones. Moonstone and pearl for Pisces woman and quartz and amethyst for Pisces man are the most suitable natural stones to be used.

Pisces Crystals

Characteristics of Pisces Natural Stones

Stones for Pisces are mostly used to balance the mood by increasing the energy of the wearer. The most important stones to be used for this purpose are as follows;

Amethyst: Known as the traditional birthstone for Pisces, the amethyst stone is effective in spiritual protection and peace. It helps to focus on the root cause of problems, to get away from stress, to avoid bad habits. It calms anger and hatred, brings ideas to life, collects negative energy in the body and helps to focus.

Aquamarine: Aquamarine, the sign closest to the energy of Pisces, supports them in everything they do, balances their emotional state, calms, encourages, encourages, and makes them self-confident. It helps to clarify thoughts, protects the person against negative energies, helps the creative power to emerge, brings prosperity and luck.

Moonstone: One of the most important signs for Pisces, the moonstone is used to increase love and passion. It also balances emotional fluctuations. It facilitates travel, protects the wearer during sleep and is effective against the evil eye. It is used for weight loss and to strengthen communication.

Quartz: It is used especially for Pisces men to gain strength and good mood. It attracts material prosperity and improves the imagination. It clears the energy field and revitalizes the spirit.

Ametrine: Known as a symbol of mental harmony and peace, ametrine stone is one of the most important stones that Pisces can use. It is used for balancing spiritual and physical conflicts. It helps to close the spiritual gaps between people. It provides focus for the realization of goals, helps to find creative solutions, and is used to end bad habits.

Jasper: It is one of the joyful healing stones for Pisces. It is effective in opening the basic chakras. It provides calming, it is effective in making their lives more passionate but calm.

Pearl: Pearl stone, which is used to purify the person from negative emotions, is especially effective in the lives of fish women. It helps to increase one’s self-confidence and purifies from negative emotions. It allows you to attract positive people into your life. It is also effective for various physical pains. Regardless of the preferred stone, the stones should be properly energy cleaned according to the frequency of use. Stones cannot be considered useful if the negative energies they collect are not removed. Energy cleansing should be done by burying it in the ground, incense it with herbs used for cleaning purposes such as sage tea, or keep it on the full moon.

Other crystals suitable for Pisces are; Aquamarine, Amazonite, Bloodstone, Lapis Lazuli, Coral, Mother of Pearl, Tanzanite, Turquoise (Firuze).

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